Gabriella Crespi S.r.l. (the “Company”) was established in April 2012 with the aim of promoting and spreading the creations of Artist-Designer Gabriella Crespi. At the behest of the Artist herself, and in response to the vast circulation of counterfeit works, an archive of the Artist’s works was set up within the Company under the name of “Archivio Gabriella Crespi” (the “Archive”). At the helm is the Artist’s daughter, Elisabetta Crespi, who has headed production since 1970 and has overseen the cataloguing of more than two thousand creations designed by her mother since the mid-1950s. Also in 2012, the authentication and archiving activity began with the goal of protecting and honoring the Artist’s original works.


The Gabriella Crespi trademark is firmly committed to its heritage of highly-specialized craftsmanship and to the exceptional quality of the materials used to create each piece, besides a flawless knowledge in its field of operation. The Company promotes the trademark in an effort to advance these values worldwide, protecting it against any and all forms of abuse and unlawful acts, and protects the Artist’s works, standing against any attempts to produce, process, modify, distribute and market them without authorization and any attempts to deform, disfigure or cause damage to the works, also with a view to safeguarding the interests of the public against all forms of deception or confusion. The works created by the Artist are protected under Italian and international industrial and intellectual property laws. Any and all industrial and intellectual property rights and any and all rights of economic exploitation on the “Gabriella Crespi” trademark and the Artist’s works, granted under current national and international laws, are reserved to the Company and are subject to its prior authorization, without which any such activity will be considered illegal and punishable according to current civil and criminal law.


Only the authentication activity carried out through the Archive can guarantee the authenticity of the works designed and produced by Gabriella Crespi.

Anyone owning or wishing to buy or sell a work by Gabriella Crespi may contact the Archive to request an authentication, providing all the documentation specified in the Regulations. By requesting an authentication, the owner or potential buyer/seller can be assured of the originality of the work and can help in the fight against unlawful acts that exploit creative expression by undermining its economic and social value and cause harm to one of the best and most prized production sectors of a country, such as Italy, whose ideas and creativity are the hallmark of its cultural patrimony.

Gabriella Crespi and daughter Elisabetta in 1983 by Robert Emmett Bright

We wish to thank everyone who, with passion and affection, have helped and continue to help spread knowledge and awareness about Gabriella Crespi as an artist and catalogue her works.

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