The “Unicum” works are special pieces of furniture and objects in Gabriella Crespi’s art of poetry that are not part of the various thematic areas experienced by the artist-designer. The first of these were the famous “Kaleidoscopes” in 1970, luminous structures and prismatic wall lamps that create an atmosphere of great charm through the graphic textures in reflections of ligh. The “Z” bar, in 1972, is made from a single sheet of stainless steel and was created in collaboration with Gabriella Crespi’s daughter Betty.

In the same year the “Monsieur-Madame” was conceived: a quick-change piece of furniture made of a variety of materials. It looks like a piece of origami, a jigsaw puzzle of drawers on front and back, with deep diagonal grooves on the sides that create an illusionistic, almost Escherian effect. The “Z” desk in 1974 takes its name from the two side structures that are shaped like the last letter of the alphabet. Covered with brass foil, it also exists in an extendable version with side wings.

Also from 1974, a sculptural bronze vase “Tronco,” simulates a small hollowed tree trunk, resembling certain elegant brush holders used in Chinese and Japanese calligraphy. Yet another of Gabriella Crespi tributes to the natural world, to its often incomparable, and metamorphic aesthetic qualities.