Gabriella Crespi presents in 2013 a new version of the “Tavolo Scultura” designed in 1970 and made in the past of materials such as brass, steel, copper, lacquer.It is a limited edition made of Belgian Black Marble, a material that Gabriella Crespi used during the 1970s in her collections of objects and sculptures, but never for big tables.The “Tavolo Scultura”, made of two monolithic blocks – the upper block is sliding – marks together with the “Tavolo 2000”, the “Magic Cube” and the “Dama” table, the birth of the first group of tables belonging to the “Plurimi” series (1970 – 1982).

With this new version, Gabriella Crespi, after more than 20 years in India to follow a spiritual path, announces the beginning of new projects for the future.The choice of inaugurating her new productive season with a furniture made of such a precious and rare material like the Belgian Black Marble, is not just an answer to an aesthetic and formal need but it also has a symbolic meaning in this particular moment.

The Belgian Black Marble, extracted every year in limited quantity and used only for prestigious architectural and artistic works, seems to perfectly embody the sacred and ritual tone to celebrate a new beginning, the origin of a new creative cycle in the work of Gabriella Crespi.