In the early 1970s, Gabriella Crespi started creating the famous series  “Plurimi”. The name is intended as a tribute to the artist Emilio Vedova. ‘Metamorphic’ pieces of furniture (“Tavolo 2000”, “Tavolo Dama”, “Puzzle Table”, “Divano Quick Change”….) with volumes that have been designed to play with the evolutionary possibilities of a single form, and to vary in space, in a continuous metamorphosis with light and the environment.

This furniture also meets practical needs, by solving the nagging problem of space. It is characterized by the ease of the rapid and unexpected changes it facilitates, in addition to the multiplicity of uses. The preferred materials are steel and brass, transparent Plexiglas, wire mesh and stone, white and black lacquers or the red crimson of the body of a brand new custom-built sports car.

The famous and symbolic pieces  “Cubo Magico” (1970), “Cubo Tondo” (1976), the “Ellisse” coffee table (1976) and the “Yang Yin” desk bookcase (1979), are all part of the “Plurimi” collection.