On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2015, Gabriella Crespi presents in the prestigious premises of Rita Fancsaly Gallery, “New Bronze Age”, a series of new limited editions of her classic works, enriched by the preciousness of bronze: the new “Ellisse” coffee table and writing desk “Z” made of bronze, “Tavolo Dama” in the new version of bronze-and-stainless steel, and “Yang Yin Bar” made of bronze-and-lacquer, all in limited editions of nine + 2 AP.

For the first time, Crespi presents a “four hands” work: a new version made of brass and bronze of her “Puzzle Table” designed in 1973, whose countertop is made of Murano glass tiles, unique pieces conceived and designed by architect Franco Deboni, internationally renowned for his glass creations.

“Kalidoscopes” and “Lune” lamps with new bronze inlays, and a new version of bronze sculpture “Airone,” embodying eggs made of Italian or iranian marbles, also belong to the “New Bronze Age” collection.