The Moon as a cosmic symbol, an emblematic, even esoteric guide. From the beginning, since the first steps in the late 1950s, the moon has been an authentic leitmotif in Gabriella Crespi’s poetic journey. The first “Lune,” moon-shaped sculptures created in 1969, appear mainly as lighting structures.

They were made of steel or steel and copper with insert of plexiglas. In 1970, Crespi created a modular set “Sfera delle 8 Lune” (Sphere of the 8 Moons) and in 1976 the new “Lune,” made of piperino marino and  Persian marble.The last version of this lunar theme dating from 1980 was the “Lunante” table, a striking sculptural ellipse of solid travertine, in which moon-shaped slate shelves have been fitted, creating an impressive illusionistic effect.