The collection of jewelry designed by Gabriella Crespi, dates in its entirety to 1974. It includes chains, necklaces with pendants, earrings, bracelets, brooches and rings. All are made of  light copper alloy covered with 24-carat gold. Crespi often utilized precious and semi-precious stones with symbolic significance and powerful colours, such as bloodstone and amethyst in geodes, along with small sapphires, pearls, Rock crystals, and superb fossil-shells dating from fifteen million years ago.

In her jewelry Gabriella Crespi takes up again the geometric motifs and contrasts of textures and working characteristic of her poetics, following a plastic line that is at once light and powerful. Conceived through the ancient and precious process of lost wax casting  these jewels are similar, in their dynamic consistency,  to the “Gocce Oro,” a creative collection of golden drops, also entirely designed in 1974 which  introduce a surreal  and mysterious element of barbaric splendor to the classical table setting.

These objects of great sculptural impact, invoke ancient and fairytale golden sparkles in goblets, bowls, candlesticks, and cutlery sets made in 24-carat gilded bronze free flowing lost-wax castings.