The affectionate, constant and marked attention to the natural world has been, over the years, an important focus in Gabriella Crespi’s fervent artistic journey. Animals could not therefore be left out of her creative work.

An extremely varied, mutable and fascinating realm that the artist has been able to represent with vivid truth but also with a fantastic, almost magical approach. All the sculptures that make up Gabriella Crespi’s bestiary has been created using the lost-wax techniques and are made of polished, silvered, or gilded bronze, sometimes fitted with a hand-blown glass egg or a real ostrich egg set in the bronze body like a precious gem. Particularly noteworthy are the refined, ethereal and dancing ostriches and herons “Struzzo” and “Airone,” the bronze bathing hippos “Vasca Ippopotami” and the small life-size deer “Cervo” crouched in a regal, stylized pose.