Milano Design Week 2018








A journey into Gabriella Crespi's private world.

Intimacy, spirituality and matter among objets d’art and design



Curated by Valentina Tosoni and Fulvio Ravagnani

Display and Setting by Chiara Colombo


One Day Exhibition

17 April | 11:00 - 21:00 | Via dell'Annunciata 23/4 | Milan




"Without a doubt, Gabriella Crespi's work commands attention.

When you walk into a room containing a Crespi design, you can't ignore it"

Ambra Medda


Just a year after her passing, the Gabriella Crespi Archive will launch a series of initiatives to celebrate the late artist and interior designer's work. The first happening is an untraditional experience lasting for only one day on April 17, 2018 in Milan during the Fuorisalone .

It is an invitation to go inside her home, her spiritual space. A stroll through her emotion-filled rooms, her unique furnishings and original works of art with which she dwelled at home in Milan and Rome, and through pieces of craftsmanship and objets d'art collected throughout her life. There are some meaningful nooks and areas that illustrate her personality by way of her intimate and personal effects.



Portrait by Oliviero Toscani, 1970


While it may reflect a Jungian suggestion about how our earthly condition informs our spirituality, this truly is a reflection on how the nature of the soul reflects that of the house. The path of the exhibition immerses guests into the private daily life of the designer in order to see her creative process and project design. There is a parallel between personal and professional mementos, a fil rouge between her own objects and her work projects. Her house as a diary or a mirror reveals much more than the persona of Gabriella Crespi, the designerBeyond the carefully researched and aesthetically original pieces a great spiritual dimension is revealed. It is a rich journey in a concentrated space, one that offers an understanding to those who want to be engrossed in her memory and experience the feeling as if they had known her personally.




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